3 Easy Tweaks to Attract More Visits To Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Easy Tweaks to Attract More Visits To Your LinkedIn Profile

When I say “Get noticed” a bit further on, I mean in a positive sense of course! As an executive level career coach, I talk to many senior executives seeking their next role, and it is usually though not always a surprise when I tell them that 70-80% (depending on what research you read) of the best executive jobs never come to the open market. Most senior level candidates seem perfectly happy to focus on applying for advertised roles (where the competition is fierce), rather than exploring the biggest slice of the cake, the Hidden Jobs Market. So what I want to do here is to encourage you not to follow the herd…

I want to cover just one aspect of how to leverage the Hidden Jobs Market to your advantage, by positioning yourself as an authority within your field by simple and practical methods within LinkedIn, in order to get noticed more often and to drive traffic to your profile page.

There is so much to LinkedIn that this particular aspect is only scratching the surface, but for c-level level job seekers it can prove to be a very useful strategy indeed. So I’m only going to talk about LinkedIn groups in this article, as it’s an avenue to quickly improve the traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

Leveraging Groups to enhance your Personal Brand

Many CEO’s, MD’s, FD’s, CFO’s and other c-suite executives have taken a careful and measured approach to their career, and can be extremely cautious when it comes to self-promotion of any sort. I understand this completely, so what I’m advocating is a systematized method for joining the “right” groups, and then starting to “dip your toe in” the waters of participation within those groups.

I advocate that when you find a sector, or discipline, group that appeals, At the time of writing (remember LinkedIn likes to change things) on every group there is an I (information & settings) to the top right hand side. Click on that and you will see a black panel with blue/white text. Under the About heading click on statistics… You will see headings for Summary, Demographics, Growth, Activity. I suggest you have a look around at these various stats, have a play, and see if the membership is aligned with what you’re looking for – Demographics is a good one to begin with, which you will then see it gives you access to further data: Seniority, Function, Location, Industry. So, I think you’ll see there’s a bit of research you can do to establish whether a group is likely to be potentially interesting or appropriate before you jump in.

The next step would be to observe what the interactions are like in the group. Who are the movers and shakers? Is it a “spammy” type of group (get out if so!)?

If it seems like a good group for you to be involved in, start by clicking “like” on one or two postings of interesting, then progress to leaving an answer or two to a suitable post. The final step here would be to post an article of interest (you can link to it), or open with a question of potential interest to peers, or other senior professionals (do you notice I’m not talking just about recruiters here). Now imagine this new activity replicated across a number of groups. Can you see how this might generate interest in you?

What To Do When Your Profile Gets Viewed

When your profile starts to get visits (particularly from a recruiter) then assuming the visits are in the main relevant people, please make immediate contact with them. I’m happy to talk to you on an individual basis about styles of emails, and telephone approaches which work. How do you know what to say to open a conversation? Well, if it’s a recruiter it’s easier of course, as you can start with a, “Hi, I noticed you viewed my profile. Is there a role you might be working on that we could have a quick chat about?” This follow up is fundamental.

Be Consistent

This is important. You have now learned a simple system for attracting more visits to your profile, so I urge you to record what you’ve done on a simple spread sheet, and schedule follow ups on a regular basis. The steps may seem simple, but results won’t necessarily be instantaneous. Give it at least a month of regular input to the groups, but you should start to see results before then.

Tips on Enhancing Your LinkedIn Company Page


Linkedin Tips 300x199 Tips on Enhancing Your LinkedIn Company Page

This week LinkedIn released a list of the 10 best company pages in 2013. LinkedIn reached out to its members and asked them to nominate businesses and organizations who inspired and engaged users. The list of top companies included: Adobe, Dell, Four Seasons, and Hubspot, to name a few. This begs the question: What encompasses a great LinkedIn company profile?

A great LinkedIn company profile can complement your website and allows you to build a following of professionals who are interested in your products or services. Here are some tips to help you enhance your company page:

Optimize your page

Have you filled out the Products/Services section of your LinkedIn profile? If you answered no, then that needs to change. Marketers who utilize this section tend to attract twice as many followers. Use this section to explain what you do and give users more reasons to follow you. Along with this, company pages are very SEO friendly. Google previews up to 156 characters of your pages text. This means you should take the time to edit your description and use keywords that describe your area of expertise.

Make sure you have a good banner image

It goes without saying that the first thing a user sees on a company page is the customizable cover image. This image welcomes users to your page, so you should definitely make it pop. You can use this space to share company specific info, upcoming event info or even a new product or app launch. Ultimately you need to choose an image that represents your company and concurrently impresses potential followers.

Post engaging content

It’s very important to update your page regularly. LinkedIn is a social marketing channel, which means you need to be social! You should use this channel to share new blog posts, product announcements, company updates and other relevant news. Users are following you because not only are they interested in your business, but they also want to know what you’re up to. Just taking a few minutes a day to update your page regularly will help make your page engaging and resourceful.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn provides companies, brands and small businesses the opportunity to share their stories, and engage with potential and current customers. It’s also important to note that LinkedIn, like other social media platforms, also allows companies to engage with employees and partners. By utilizing the tips provided above, businesses can achieve greater visibility and also add value/thought leadership to their industry.


Nederlands: Linked In icon

Nederlands: Linked In icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LinkedIn recently hit 200 million members globally which was a great achievement for the world’s largest professional social network.

But questions remain, such as “how many members live in Brazil?” and “which currently serving US president has the most visited LinkedIn profile?” and perhaps most frequently asked, “what is the most common first name of a female LinkedIn user in Oz”?

Finally, we have an infographic to answer all these questions – I for one will sleep much better tonight.

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